Is it just me or is Scar from The Lion King stupidly hot.

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Get to see one of my best friends on Sunday/ YESYESYEYSEYSESESKAjdlwieqwfnwejk;fo

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 portraits of Rinko by Jesse Frohman

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Today my grandmother asked me, with a slight sneer on her face, what I thought of gay marriage. 

I replied with a big smile and said “Let them get on with it. I’ve no right to say who can and can’t be married any more than I can decide who my grandparents are.”

She blinked. I continued. “But in the end I’m not into marriage. I’m not religious, I don’t have a dowry or political significance. I see marriage as a legal bond to someone. If we ever broke up, it’d cost a bomb. Marriage ceremonies cost a bomb. I’d rather use that money to go to Vegas.”

"You don’t want to get married? How weird!" she replied, smirking.¬†

I rolled my eyes. “I don’t think love needs marriage. It’s outdated, it’s old and it has no significance to me as an individual. If others, gay or straight, wish to do it, then why not let them, it’s their decision. We’re all human in the end.”

Then just to piss her off a tiny bit more, I said “I’m also pro-choice. And I hate the Royals.”

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John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men


John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men

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